As summer approaches, a debate over vacation rentals is heating up in Pacific Beach. Are they out of control party zones, or just good family fun?

Penny is a Pacific Beach homeowner living next door to a vacation rental.

"We've had bachelor parties there, we've had 50th birthday parties, so it's been full noise that we've called the cops for, but it's also just been a constant noise issue," she said.

Other homeowners like Penny say vacation rentals have no business doing business in single-family zoned areas. Marcie Beckett, who was born and raised in her PB house, wants San Diego to pass a law requiring rental leases to be a month or longer.

"Why have a single-family zone an R.S. zone if you are not going to protect it?. Other communities such as Imperial Beach, Coronado, Encinitas, Carmel by the Sea have all regulated these short-term rentals in R.S. zones," she said.

Beckett says vacation rentals create noise, parking problems and are often filled with out-of-town partiers.

"At our age when we go to rent a condo, we don't have big parties," she said.

Ann and Bill Acton are in town from Arizona leasing a vacation rental. Instead of bringing beer to the bayfront, their family brought babies. They said after a quiet San Diego visit, they'll be back soon.

"It went fine, and yes, we'll be back. Yes, most definitely," Ann said.

Rentals not only bring tourism dollars to San Diego's struggling economy, but also a transient occupancy tax.

Nancy Kramer is the owner of Nancy's Vacation Rentals. She says with 28 properties in PB alone, she can't afford to rent to party people.

"We spent $100,000 remodeling. We don't want anybody trashing it," she said.

Kramer feels upset homeowners are confusing her vacation rentals with mini-dorms and student occupied homes.

"Everybody I know would rather be living next to a vacation rental than student housing," she said.

The Pacific Beach Community Planning Board is expected to be discussing this issue this summer. The board meets once a month and says the public is always welcome.

Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who represents PB, has not weighed in on vacation rentals. His office tells News 8 he'll wait until the issue reaches City Hall before offering an opinion.