SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — News 8 has seen cases of vandalism on dockless bikes before but recently, the destruction is being taken to a new level.

While some love dockless bikes, others hate them.

And some dislike the colorful, ride-share bikes so much they have turned to vandalism.

News 8 has seen them cut in half, thrown down cliffs and now - possibly the most dangerous of all - the brake cables cut.

A News 8 viewer, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent us photos of a man cutting the brake and throttle cables on a dockless bikes.

The viewer said he found dozens cut in the Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach areas.

What's scary is you can still rent the bikes and that puts unknowing riders in danger.

In 10 minutes, News 8 crews observed two people rent a bike with cut brake cables. Luckily, they noticed the problem before getting on.

Sam Ward was visiting from the UK and is familiar with the dockless bike companies.

"You can report this on the app," Ward said.

He reported the vandalism in hopes that no one will get hurt.