SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A verdict was reached Monday but kept temporarily sealed in the murder trial of the accused gunman in the ambush shooting of an Oak Park barber, who prosecutors allege was killed on orders of a Jamaican drug boss.

Dion Chambers, 51, is accused in the May 9, 2014, killing of Lamar Canady.

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Superior Court Judge Charles Rogers said the verdict in Chambers' case would be revealed once a separate jury deliberating the fate of a second man,
Ian Patrick Guthrie, makes a decision.

Deputy District Attorney Sophia Roach alleges the defendants worked for a Jamaican man, Omar Grant, who ordered the "hit'' on the 32-year-old Canady
out of jealousy and revenge because both Grant and Canady were involved with the same woman and Grant felt Canady was responsible for the theft of a large amount of marijuana.

Both Chambers and Guthrie are seen in surveillance video in the moments leading up to the murder of Canady, a father of four who was shot more than a
dozen times, the prosecutor said.

Chambers' attorney, Ryan Pacyga, claims police failed to follow up on investigating a man who worked in Canady's barbershop and was there at the time
of the murder. Pacyga said Chambers was in the barbershop, but did not pull the trigger.

Roach said Guthrie, 40, was the lookout who went to the scene the day before the shooting to map out the area.

The prosecutor alleged that Guthrie called Chambers to let him know when Canady stuck his head out of the barbershop.

Guthrie's attorney, Gretchen von Helms, said her client is a drug dealer but said he was not the man in the video who was supposedly calling Chambers. 

The defendants -- also from Jamaica -- were tracked down through their phones and found to have fake Florida driver's licenses, Roach said.