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VERIFY: Could Southern California earthquakes trigger the 'Big One?’

Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones spoke to ABC10 about the possibility of a major earthquake striking in the aftermath of the Ridgecrest quakes.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — Anytime an earthquake happens, rumors of the "Big One” in California ramp up.

So, could the Ridgecrest earthquakes trigger a major earthquake along the San Andreas fault? Let's verify.

Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, took to Twitter to talk about earthquakes after the most recent quakes.  

She then followed that tweet by saying, "There is also always someone who claims they know a big quake is coming. This is not a scientific assessment." Jones is pointing to tangible proof, saying the probability of the big one is increasing, the data is incomplete. 

The California Department of Conservation also tweeted, stating their state geologists say the earthquakes in Ridgecrest don't increase the "Big One" along the San Andreas Fault.

And according to the article "Elevated earthquake risk in Southern California: Here’s why, and what you can do" in the San Diego Union Tribune, UC San Diego scientists say "the Ridgecrest temblors are too far from the San Andreas fault to be a threat."


Could Southern California earthquakes trigger the “Big One?”


According to Jones, the California Department of Conservation and UC San Diego scientists, the claim saying the Ridgecrest earthquake could trigger a major earthquake on the San Andreas fault is false.

There's no scientific evidence proving this is the case and the Ridgecrest earthquakes are too far from the San Andreas to be a threat.


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