(News 8) It has been exactly one year since a local family went missing, seeming to vanish into thin air.

On February 4, 2010, Joseph and Summer McStay, and their two young boys, then-three-year-old Joey and then-four-year-old Gianni, disappeared without a trace.

"I have to have hope," said Michael McStay, Joseph's brother, at a vigil held Friday evening on the soccer field in Laguna Niguel where his brother had loved to play.

The McStays had just moved in to a home in Fallbrook from Orange County when they appeared to have left the home in a hurry. They left their beloved dogs behind, with no food or water.

Four days later, the family's white Isuzu Trooper was found abandoned near the border. Surveillance video captured a family of four, which could possibly have been the McStays, crossing in to Mexico on foot.

Over the course of the year, this missing persons case has received national media attention. There have been some possible, though unfounded, sightings of the family, including one in a small fishing village on the west coast of Mexico.

A search of the McStay's computer records revealed several on-line searches about passport requirements for children traveling to Mexico, conducted one week before the family vanished.

Michael McStay has set up a web site at www.mcstayfamily.com to provide updates on the search, and to provide information on providing tips to authorities anonymously.