SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Temperatures in the mountain areas will dip below freezing again Sunday night.

In addition to the cold weather, Julian had a dusting of snow last week, which brought a lot of visitors to the area this weekend hoping to experience a winter wonderland. Some people came prepared with cold weather gear, while others weren't as prepared.

“It was really cold this morning like 30 and with the wind,” said Keith Soria, the owner of the Julian Market and Grill. “When the wind blows it just really cuts right through you unless you have thick stuff on. So be prepared, be prepared when you come up and make sure you dress warm.”

Late Sunday afternoon no snow had fallen, but there was some rain and even a bit of hail, which for those who don't like the cold made being outside a little miserable.

However, many people we saw were happy for a change in the weather and a chance to finally wear all those winter clothes.