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An out-of-control ski lift raced backwards and tossed panicked skiers through the air at a resort in the country of Georgia on Friday, according to witness video and media reports. 

Startling video of the incident showed the malfunctioning ski lift bringing riders back down the hill at a high rate of speed. Some skiers can be seen jumping off before reaching the bottom. 

According to The Telegraph, it happened at the Gudauri resort, located on the plateau of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, in Georgia. 

Georgia's state-owned Mountain Resorts Development Company told CNN that 10 people were injured. 

"According to initial information, Sadzele ski lift in Gudauri stopped working, chairs crashed into each other with riders suspended in the air, causing health injury of medium gravity," the company said in a statement to CNN "

Warning: The videos of this incident can be hard to watch: