New water rules could dry up some tourist spots now that the San Diego City Council voted to make cuts mandatory.

It's probably safe to say that anyone who's ever visited Balboa Park has a photo of the fountain. To Michelle Brodowski the fountain is more than just a place to watch the water spray and her daughter feel the mist across her face. For Michelle, it's about memories of her wedding day.

"It's beautiful and it's always going to be memorable and it's always going to be something we cherish," Brodowski said.

However, city wide water restrictions that will go in place June 1 will shut the fountain off. The Drought Level 2 Alert also means other tourist attractions like our area golf courses will be forced to only water the fairways and roughs three times a week, but could be cut back more if the drought gets worse.

 "We become more restrictive and apply the restrictions to the tees at level three and then at level four, the greens, as well," San Diego public utilities assistant Alex Ruiz said.

Landscaping throughout the city will also only see water three days a week as part of the new restrictions, and tourists and San Diegans alike will find getting water at area restaurants more restrictive as well..

The Mayor says the cuts will help conserve water and get us through the drought. However, San Diegans like Michelle Brodowski say the cuts will make San Diego look less appealing.

"When they want to shoot photographs here it's not going to be as beautiful without a fountain," she said.

You should receive information on the restrictions in your water bill. Fines for not complying range from $100 to $1,000.