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Water main break shuts down streets in National City

A water main break shuts down streets in National City Thursday morning.

NATIONAL CITY (NEWS 8) - The water is back on now for the more than 60 businesses that were without water after a water main break in National City.
It all started around 6 a.m. Thursday, when residents saw water running down West 16th Street and Coolidge Avenue. 
Water could be seen flooding several yards, but there was no damage to any property, just an inconvenience with no water for morning commuters.       
The Sweetwater Authority closed the affected area and forced drivers to find a way around the mess, while crews continued to fix the pipe and figure out what caused it to break.

"We identified that it's a leak to a 12 inch PVC pipe that's actually rather young. It was installed in 1997, and we expect them to last 50 to100 years, Sweetwater Authority, Tish Berge, said.

The Sweetwater Authority says it's surprised that this particular pipe broke.

"The cause of why that pipe failed is still unknown and once we identify that we'll be able to understand what long term measures to take, Berge said.

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