SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Lifeguards are stationed along San Diego beaches to keep swimmers safe, but the water they work in could be making them sick. 

A number of lifeguards stationed at La Jolla Cove have suffered staph infections, and it remains unclear where it's coming from. 

According to the lifeguards' union, five employees contracted a skin infection after rescues - four of the lifeguards are from The Cove. 

The City of San Diego did not confirm those numbers citing federal privacy law. The county health department said the bacteria levels at The Cove do not meet the requirement for a closure. 

The department could also not conclude a reason for lifeguard illnesses. 

The lifeguards' union said it wants the city to do more education and stress the dangers of bacteria. 

The county health department said it is testing the water weekly, but the increased bacteria levels could be coming from birds, sea lions, humans or other contributors. 

So far, not enough of bacteria or clusters of illness have been found to warrant further action other than post advisory signs. 

The health department said it will continue to monitor bacteria levels.