SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A fourth grader is taking over the business world with her lemonade.

Kinyah Bean is not a typical elementary school student. At just nine-years-old, she is inspiring and showing others that dreams can come true.

As the CEO of B Chill Lemonade, she has hand squeezed herself to the top of an entrepreneurial empire.

“I am the owner of B Chill Lemonade. I did not choose to make lemonade, the lemonade chose me. I thought it was just going to be lemonade stand in the corner. Then we started going to farmer’s markets and everything just got big,” said Kinyah.

Kinyah began her company in January of last year after realizing her homemade lemonade had something special. Now, the fourth-grader is hoping to inspire others – starting with a new book about how she got started in the business.

“For her to be so young and to be doing what she is doing – it is very inspiring and it shows that anything is possible,” said Ricky Williams, Lincoln High School student.

Kinyah’s advice for any future entrepreneurs is, “if you do not believe that you can, you won’t. But if you do, you will succeed.”

Kinyah's book is called, "Chillin' My Way to Success," and it's available for purchase on Amazon.