OCEAN BEACH (NEWS 8) – As quickly and strangely as she appeared, the Ocean Beach mermaid disappeared and was gone in a flash.

The mysterious mermaid that fascinated spectators at Sunset Cliffs is no longer on her perch atop a rock just off shore. The mermaid creators asked to remain anonymous, but told News 8 the mystery behind it all is what made everything so magical.

Playing his ukulele, one local played a melody in her honor and for anyone else who gets lost in his or her journey. One visitor, Jon Hammrick, viewed the mermaid as a scarecrow. He said he hopes the birds will come back to the area.

Sunset Cliffs Mermaid 02
Sunset Cliffs Mermaid 02

The tale of the mysterious mermaid started in an Arizona garage. It was driven to San Diego during the Memorial Day weekend. The Arizona visitors were seen hoisting the blue-haired mermaid on a ladder over Ross Rock. On Thursday morning, she was gone.

Surfer Sergio Cabrera shares his theory on her disappearance. “I think she was just hungry and went to get lunch. Maybe she will be back later tonight.” Lorenzo Beck told News 8 the installers told him they would return for the majestic mermaid that attracted so much attention – even on social media. “They said they were going to come back in two weeks and take it down.”

The artist behind Marina the mermaid, (Yes! We finally know her name!), sent News 8 a statement on behalf of her:

"To the humans of Ocean Beach and all of San Diego. I came to OB on the tides of the full moon in hopes of catching a glimpse of those who might still believe in the ancient legends...Although I had hoped to stay through the summer, there are some who found my appearance disturbing so I have had to depart early. I wish for you all a lovely summer...Perhaps the currents and winds will enable me to return one day. Love to you all. Marina"

Sunset Cliffs Mermaid 01
Sunset Cliffs Mermaid 01

The mermaid creators said they tracked down one of the men who took the mermaid down and since they have not trashed her yet, they are working on getting her back. 

Other ornaments on the rock in the past have included a peace sign, a toilet and a crab. 

The pictures in this story were provided by the artist to News 8 and depict Marina’s journey to San Diego from Arizona.