SAN DIEGO (CBS8/CNS) - A woman accused of trying to shoot a barber who gave her a haircut she didn't like pleaded not guilty Tuesday to premeditated attempted murder and the use of a firearm.
Adrian Blanche Swain, 29, faces life in prison if convicted, said Deputy District Attorney Makenzie Harvey.
The prosecutor told Judge Jay Bloom that Swain got a haircut at the 619 Barber Shop in the 3900 block of 30th Street in North Park last Wednesday. Harvey alleged the defendant returned 20 minutes later -- upset about her haircut -- and pointed a loaded gun at barber Manny Montero and pulled the trigger three times, but it didn't fire.
``She said (to the barber), `Look at what you did to my hair,''' Harvey said. ``There was not a round racked in the chamber, so the best that we can guess is that she hadn't first racked a round so that when she pulled the trigger, the gun was not able to fire,'' the prosecutor said.
Once the gun jammed, Montero and a fellow stylist held Swain until police arrived.
The judge set Swain's bail at $750,000, calling her a ``danger'' and saying she was lucky that she wasn't facing a murder charge.
A readiness conference was set for Feb. 25 and a preliminary hearing for Feb. 29.