SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — A Rancho Bernardo woman was rushed to the hospital Tuesday after a swarm of bees attacked her. 

A witness says at one point hundreds of bees were covering her body, and her baby and dog had to be rushed to safety.  

Todd Lackner flew into action to help a woman and her baby swarmed by bees in Rancho Bernardo. 

"I'm typing on the computer and I hear this woman screaming so I came from my house and see out from fence and I see a woman lying on the ground kind of swatting stuff," said Lackner. "She was still screaming for help.  

And she was swatting thousands of bees. 

Lackner said around 11 a.m. he jumped in his car and drove to her. 

"They were just coming off her, it looked like she had a beard, she was swatting them away and they would come back onto her," he said.  

Her pug jumped in Lackner's car and he yelled for the woman to do the same but she said she couldn't because she had her baby with her.   

So Lackner pulled the stroller away 

"I just pushed the stroller down the street and I was swatting around the stroller and off my face they were in my ears, my nose, a couple in my mouth" Lackner said. "I bit one." 

Moments later the mother was able to pull away and run for help.   

While the good Samaritian did what he could to save a mother and baby.  

"Anyone would have done it if they were me, this poor woman was out there screaming," said Lackner. 

Pest control arrived in suits to take care of the swarm of bees near a home. 

Bee specialists said they were not Africanized bees – also known as "killer" bees – but honey bees from a nearby bee box. 

The mother and baby were transported to a hospital, their condition had not been released as of Tuesday night - but Lackner said the baby was ok.