SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - A woman charged with looting a home in Bonsall during the Lilac Fire had her day in court Friday.

Convicted burglar Sasheen Silvercloud had very little to say during her sentencing, Friday.

The sentencing lasted just a few minutes because both sides had reached a plea deal – which means Silvercloud avoided trial and was instead granted probation.

The 43-year-old was given three years probation with credit for the time served after she was caught stealing property from a home that had been evacuated during last December’s Lilac Fire.   

Thousands of residents were forced to flee after flames ripped through North County – many leaving with just the clothes they had on.

Silvercloud took advantage of the situation and went to a home on Disney Lane in Bonsall. She broke in and proceeded to pack her car with items ranging from cleaning products to ornaments, a laptop and a bird bath.

Torrey Cluett is the real estate agent that caught Silvercloud in the act. The home was for sale at the time.

When Cluett asked Silvercloud what she was doing, she allegedly told him she was working for an investor.     

"She said she had been around the house taking pictures and then when I saw the stuff that was inside her car. I asked her if she had been inside the house and she said, ‘oh yeah, the house was open, so I went in,’” said Cluett.

Cluett, who is a former cop, did not buy it and called the Sheriff and told Silvercloud to stay put.

“I told her she better sit back down because she was not leaving,” he said.

In court on Friday, Silvercloud was ordered to pay hundreds in fees and fines. She was also ordered to not have contact with the victims.

Following the hearing, she nor her attorney wanted to comment on the case.

Neither Silvercloud or her attorney had any comment.