SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – A college student’s search for her roots led her to San Diego.

Elizabeth Gaba was conceived in surrogacy from an egg that was donated 20 years ago, and recently got in touch with the donor.

This past Sunday, Gaba drove to San Diego to meet with her egg donor for the first time. It was a day both women had been wondering and waiting about for years.

During their reunion, Gaba and Amy Throckmorton sang – creating a clear connection.

“There is something so indescribable about the first time we actually sang together in person,” said Gaba.

In addition to having eerily similar voices, the two share something much deeper.

“I could sort of see a resemblance, but when I heard her sing, I was like no that is for sure her – no question at all,” said Throckmorton.

Twenty-years ago, Throckmorton was a struggling singer and college student. She decided then to become an egg donor.

“You donate and then that is it. I did, however, mark a box saying that if the people were open to finding me later on, I would be open to that as well,” she said.

Throckmorton had no idea whether her eggs ever led to a successful pregnancy – that is until a few weeks ago.

Elizabeth, who goes by the name Gaba, said her parents were very open about her being conceived through surrogacy.

“I think I was always so curious. You know, I always wanted to find her and establish some sort of connection if I could,” said Gaba.

At the age of 18, Gaba gained access to her donor’s file. In the file was a picture and a few other basic details – one that Gaba’s friend used to track Throckmorton down on social media.

As it turned out, Throckmorton is a professional singer who sang for the same USC acapella group Gaba now sings for.

After a few weeks of messaging online, the two finally met in person.

“This is really the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I have always said I think Amy is the type of person that I would be best friends with regardless of the fact that we share 50-percent of our DNA,” said Gaba.

Throckmorton said her family did know she was an egg donor. The possibility of meeting Gaba someday had always been in the back of her mind.

Gaba said her mother fully supported her in finding her biological mother.