SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A dog has died after it was tased by Coronado Police Saturday night.

Police officers say the dog was acting aggressively and that it was a threat to the public, but the dog owner says that isn't true.

"I’m in shock. My brain can't process how that could have happened," said Roclynn Nosek.

Roclynn says that on Saturday, she and her family were out to dinner when she received a call from a friend saying that her dog Smokey had gotten out. Roclynn says they called police to report that her dog had gotten loose. During the call, Roclynn was told that her dog had been placed in an animal hospital.

"Smokey was bound in the back of the car after being tased three times. He had a thing around his neck with a pole and his back feet were tied up and he had blood on his face," said Roclynn .

Coronado Police released a statement saying that the dog was seen acting "aggressive and was witnessed by an officer lunging at a woman attempting to approach it."

Police say they felt an attack was eminent and used a Taser on the dog in two different locations. The department stated: "The use of a Taser or other means of force on an aggressive animal is permissible to protect the public and the safety of our officers. The Coronado Police Department is saddened by the death of the dog."

However, Roclynn  says she doesn't buy it. 

"Smokey doesn't run around and bite people. That's not his temperament, that's not his personality," said Roclynn.

Roclynn says she is sharing her story in the hopes that it will lead to a change in how police deal with pets. She says she doesn't want anyone to go through the same experience. 

"I lost my dog for no reason. He was in the prime of his life and would still been alive if they would have dealt with this differently," said Roclynn .

Coronado Police say no people were injured by the dog.