SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A manhunt is underway for two suspects wanted in connection to a robbery in Point Loma. San Diego Police said the suspects held a caretaker and elderly woman at knifepoint after pretending to know a relative.

Police reported that two men knocked on the front door of the home in the 3500 block of Garrison Street around 1:30 a.m. asking for a son-in-law by name. The caretaker then cracked open the door and the criminals forced their way into the Point Loma home.

"Turned out she did not know them. They forced them inside and held them at knifepoint and started ransacking the house and held a 93-year-old woman at knifepoint. She tried to fight back but was overpowered,” said Lt. Dan Smyth with the San Diego Police Department.

Neighbor Dick Roberts knows the 93-year-old woman who lives across the street and said she is very friendly and helpful.

"I've lived here 28 years and we've never had anything like this happen,” said Roberts. "I'm sure it's very frightening for her and she lost her husband last year. I'm really sorry that happened to her."

The two women were forced to the ground while the men grabbed jewelry wrapped in pillow cases and other items. They ran down the driveway and ditched jewelry bags on the street.

Residents say they're relieved the women aren't hurt and feel sympathy because they were traumatized.

"Just for jewelry it's kind of sad what this world comes to, but there's a lot of people to try and keep your home safe,” said Cassandra Farnsworth, a neighbor who lives next door.

Farnsworth said her retriever Chase and huskie Shay are her first line of defense against intruders and hopes the victims are better protected.

"Especially when it's an elderly lady and her caretaker and that's all that is, I think a dog is a good deterrent,” she added.

So far, police have a limited description of the suspects: two black males in their teens to early twenties.

Anyone with information in this case, is asked to call the San Diego Police Department.