Fans of the galaxy far, far away will now have a chance to experience life in space firsthand, thanks to the first-ever luxury "space hotel."

The round trip flight and stay will only cost a mere $9.5 million, that is.

At the Space 2.0 summit in San Jose, the company Orion Span debuted the Aurora space station, dubbed the first "luxury hotel" in space.

It holds six people at a time, including two crew members, and takes guests on 12-day-long trips. The station will travel 200 miles into space circling Earth every 90 minutes-- that means 16 sunrises and sunsets every day.

The company is now taking fully refundable deposits of $80,000 per person for trips beginning in 2022. The payment covers an expedited three month training period, partially online and partially at the company's training facility in Houston, to ready the guests for life in space.

Activities and amenities include:

  • Views of the northern and southern aurora
  • Research experiments like growing food in orbit
  • A "virtual reality experience"
  • Access to high speed wifi

"This is an exciting frontier and Orion Span is proud to pave the way," said Orion Span CEO and founder Frank Bunger in a press release.

Orion Span also conducts space research and is developing space condos.