MIRA MESA (NEWS 8) - When a News 8 viewer reported a mound on a Mira Mesa street last month, Steve Price went out to investigate - only to learn that working with the city to solve neighborhood problem can be a bumpy ride.

When Eva Nograles asked City Councilman Chris Cate to come out and take a look for himself, he agreed the protrusion on Perseus Road was a big problem that needed to be fixed as soon as possible.

After doing some digging, the city agreed to fix the problem.

Neighbor Theresay Berg said the city was out there last week, and this time they didn't just scrape off the top and repave.

"What they found were leaks under the streets. One of them was on city property, and so we went down, repaired the leaks first and then re-patched the streets," said Cate.

Councilman Cate also said his office will continue to follow up to make sure the mound does not come back. Further, his message to others in his district with a problem was, "we want to hear about those issues. Call our office - we will work incredibly hard to try and resolve them to the quickest extent possible."

News 8 learned about the street mound via a News 8 viewer tip.