SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — A gun store owner in El Cajon, who is also a local school board president, has posted a video that some students and parents disagree with.

News 8 received an email tip about it from a viewer and now the video is the subject of a News 8 Your Stories Investigation with Steve Price.

On David Chong's personal Facebook page, he posted a video to support a candidate in the upcoming election.

"Hello, my fellow shooters and patriots, David Chong here - owner of AO Sword Firearms in El Cajon," Chong says in the video. "We all know what it's like to be gun owners in California. The official sport of Sacramento is racing to outlaw assault banana clips and telescoping bump shrouds."

David Chong's Facebook video post:

But Chong isn't just a small business owner, he's also the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District Board President and what he says in the video has caught the attention of parents and students in his district.

Chong says in the Facebook video post, "We have half of our lawmakers taking firearms policy advice from kids who were eating Tide Pods just last week."

"That's horrible," said Maleia Ferreira, a 9th grader at Patrick Henry High School.

Ferreira is one of thousands of local students who walked out of class one day last month to push for tougher gun laws hoping to put an end to school shootings.

Ferreira says seeing a school board president mock that effort is disappointing.

"That's awful. That is, honestly, really, really awful," said Ferreira. "It's kind of upsetting to hear, because us kids are just trying to speak out for these kids that have gotten killed because of these guns being controlled by other kids. That's just ridiculous."

The "Tide Pod Challenge" was a short-lived internet dare earlier this year where mostly young people bit into laundry detergent pods, filmed their reactions, and posted them online.

News 8 went to Chong's business hoping to interview him on camera. But because of his busy schedule, combined with a health issue, he said he would send a statement instead.

Chong believes the outrage on his video is a political attack by anti-gun special interest groups to rally against gun rights.

He also said in the statement:

Over 50% of American millennials - our previous generation of high school graduates - don't know the basics of the Holocaust, in which 6 million disarmed Jews were killed by their own government.

We owe our students the lessons of history, that they are not repeated.

Those with evil intent are not deterred by "gun-free zone" signs; criminals don't obey anti-gun laws.

A firearm is the only tool that gives the meek an immediate, irrefutable voice in what happens to their own body against a stronger attacker.

Carol Landale, a member of San Diegans for Gun Violence Prevention, says questioning Chong's "eating Tide Pods" comment isn't about gun rights, it's about educators supporting students. She said she hopes parents in the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District agree.

"Ever since Parkland, these kids have been speaking out - and they've been rallying the country," said Landale. "Children have parents and parents vote - and in a few more years the kids will be voting."

Chong has been on the school board for four years. He is up for re-election later this year.

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