SAN DIEGO — A property battle has pitted two neighbors against one another in North Park. One bought an empty lot to build a home and the other has problems with the project – now the City of San Diego is involved.

News 8’s Steve Price has more in this Your Stories Investigation.

Barbara Rendine said she knew right away something wasn't right with the construction project next door and when she tried to reason with her new neighbor Rendine says the lady told her if she wanted things to stay the same, she should have bought the property.

“The other thing she told me was that she had money and she could build whatever she wanted,” said Rendine.

So, construction continued on the structure on Kalmia Place in North Park.

Rendine said she knew that the house going up was not what the city approved but says when she turned to the city for help - sending hundreds of emails with pictures and plans - she kept getting the same answer.

"[They said] the construction was done in accordance to approved plans and everything was grandfathered in, so I didn't have any complaint to go on,” said Rendine.

She then hired a lawyer and 10 days later the story took a twist.

"I screamed loud enough until the city finally stopped them and then they demanded they do a survey and the survey showed they're on my property by six feet,” said Rendine .

It turned out the new house was being partially built on Rendine’s property.

For her, the solution is obvious: tear down the construction on her property and repair the damage it created; but her neighbor wants Rendine to sell her the property involved and let the current project continue.

"If I didn't agree to sell it then she could hold this up for at least three years and here we sit,” said Rendine.

City officials issued a statement on the issue that reads in part:

City inspectors found that the project had encroached upon the neighboring property and that the submitted plans had misrepresented the location of the property line.

The City immediately notified the homeowner and stopped construction.

"It's been heart wrenching,” said Rendine.

She also said she thinks her neighbor's new plan is stall this out until Rendine and her husband pass away but says if that is her plan it's not a very good one.

"I have four adult children who are going to continue it until it's done correctly,” she said.

News 8 tried to contact the neighbor’s attorney by phone and email but did not receive a response.

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