SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Some residents of a Rancho San Diego neighborhood were left with their garage doors left wide open and no way to shut them this weekend.

Some thought interference from a cell tower could be to blame.

"It just did nothing," said Sharyn Craig who lives in Rancho San Diego.

Over the weekend, her garage door opener seemed to have a mind of its own.

"When I got up Friday morning, the single-car garage was standing wide open," said Sharyn. "I thought that was really odd. I went to close it, it wouldn't close.

"I just kept hitting it. I turned it around, I put in new batteries and nothing seemed to make any difference."

Sharyn realized she wasn't alone.

"On Saturday morning is when I first noticed that it wasn't working," said neighbor Jim Meyer who says the remote in his car wasn't working.

He and his wife mentioned the problem on a neighborhood Facebook page.

"We got responses from over 30 people," said Jim. "They were having the same problem."

He wondered was it the nearby cell phone tower or something else.

"Speaking to another neighbor, she indicated maybe it has something to do with the military," said Jim.

A spokesperson for Naval Base Coronado says given the proximity of this neighborhood it's unlikely.

However, in the past the Navy has addressed issues about frequency interference and resolved them.

The spokesperson says anyone with current issues should contact their garage door manufacturer.

Meanwhile , the remotes suddenly began working Monday.

But Sharyn and her neighbors say without knowing the exact cause, they worry it will happen again.

"If I should go out for the day, am I going to come home and find my door wide open?" said Sharyn who worries that someone could break in.

News 8 reached out to Chamberlain Group - one of the largest garage door manufacturers - the company says upgraded its radio frequency technology about a decade ago, but says if yours was manufactured before 2007 and you're having problems you should contact them.

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