SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Inside this Lemon Grove wood shop the staff is so busy, Candace Vanderhoff seemed surprised when she was asked about the queen bee herself. 

Candace’s company build beautiful bee boxes. Bees pollinate ninety percent of the plants on earth and they need a happy home to reproduce. 

Candace’s bee shelters are all numbered and registered all around the world.

Because of pesticides and a diminishing habitat, bees need a friendly place to live. Which in turn means Candace needs wood. 

She is always scrapping around for wood and even asked for some from Taylor Guitars in El Cajon. She even pestered Bob Taylor himself until he said yes. 

Candace said the wood was just inches away from being the neck of a Taylor guitar. 

Her shop may be in Lemon Grove, but Candace’s spirit is sweeter than honey.