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Father Joe's Villages | Hope for San Diego’s Homeless Families

In the last 10 years, Father Joe’s Villages has served nearly 3,200 families and close to 7,000 children. Sponsored by Father Joe's Villages
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In San Diego, there are over 380 families experiencing homelessness on any given night. Parents who are homeless often find themselves with worries they should never have to realize: How will I feed my children? Where will they shower before school? Where is the safest place for my family to sleep tonight?

Homelessness damages the physical and emotional health of each family member experiencing it and can be particularly traumatic for children. Kids experiencing homelessness are often academically, emotionally, and socially delayed. Sadly, homeless children are four times as likely to be homeless as adults. 

In the last 10 years, Father Joe’s Villages has served nearly 3,200 families and close to 7,000 children. Within the Family Living Center at the Joan Kroc Center, families receive safe shelter, daily meals, access to health and dental care, Therapeutic Childcare, as well as employment services, substance use disorder treatment, and ongoing case management support.

Credit: Narrative Images

When Patrick and his family were struggling with homelessness, Father Joe’s Villages was there to offer support and resources through the organization’s Family Services.

After being let go from his job as a Lead Electronic Assembly Specialist, Patrick became unable to pay his rent and he and his family ended up losing their home. 

Initially, Patrick, his wife, and their five children lived out of their car. After the car was repossessed, they were forced to live on the streets.

“We had to sleep outside with the babies. They were crying and cranky and it was cold out. I made sure that they were covered with blankets.” 

The family searched for a part of town that was not visible to passersby and stayed there for the night.

“That’s the worst memory—worrying about whether somebody is going to come by and do something to my kids, and the kids being all cold on the sidewalk.”

To prevent and end homelessness for families like Alejandro’s in San Diego, Father Joe’s Villages Family Services provides solutions tailored to their unique needs. They offer a range of housing options that move families into homes as efficiently as possible and provide intensive support to help them prosper there.

Father Joe’s Villages’ comprehensive Family Services helped Alejandro and his wife regain self-sufficiency, while his kids received the customized care they needed through the organization's Therapeutic Childcare program to thrive at home, school and beyond.

Unfortunately, the number of families experiencing homelessness increased 37% in 2022 and support for struggling families is needed now more than ever. That’s why Father Joe’s Villages is hosting the Hope Lives Here Charity Golf Classic at The Grand Golf Club in Del Mar on September 30. 

Proceeds from the event will fund Emergency Services for families who are homeless in San Diego and provide:

  • • Safe shelter for more than 250 families each year
  • • Warm, nutritious meals for parents and children
  • • Case management support and housing navigation
  • • Health and Dental care
  • • Therapeutic Childcare.

To learn more or register, visit: my.neighbor.org/golfclassic.

Sponsored by Father Joe's Villages 

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