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Fans at Petco Park watch party still proud of Padres despite the loss

During this postseason, the fans have shown up in a big way, and the Friar Faithful is very proud of that.

SAN DIEGO — Despite the disappointing loss, fans who came out to Petco Park to watch the game on the big screen, are still proud of their Padres for this postseason performance. In addition, they enjoyed the ballpark experience inside the stadium during the game.

“The watch party is amazing. The food is great. The environment, the vibe is right,” said David Anton. “It’s a good time because, even though our boys are 3,000 miles away, it brought the city together as a community to cheer them on.”

“I’m just happy to be here,” said Ruben Meraz. “Not losing to the Dodgers, not losing to the Mets, being out here in the championship game, I’m 28 years old, and I finally get to be here, so happy to be here, baby. Let’s go, Padres!”

Tickets were free, and fans had to register online to get them. While the ball game was the main attraction, it was a family-friendly time at Petco Park, with people lining up to get pictures with the Friar mascot and plenty of fans indulged in the excellent ballpark food and beverages.

“It is a fun experience because you still have that home game vibe, that feeling, but at the same time, but they’re not playing in front of you, it’s the same loudness, the same energy, the same togetherness, so it’s unique,” said Patrick Taron. “I enjoy it.”

During this postseason, the fans have shown up in a big way, and the Friar Faithful is very proud of that.

“It’s huge, I mean, packing the stadium and being as loud as we are; even the players have been talking about its impact on them. So it’s nice to give back to them as they give to us, and I’m proud of the Padres fans for sure,” said Taron.

“The city needed something to attach themselves to, be proud of, and this team has brought the city together,” said Anton. “We’re season ticket holders, and it’s great to see these seats being full and loud.”

Fans left the stadium a bit deflated, but despite the loss, they were still proud of their Padres.

“Disappointing; I’m proud of the Padres because they did so well this season. I feel like beating the Dodgers alone was like a celebration for the whole city, and unfortunately, we lost this one, but they had an amazing season,” said Zap Martin.

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