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Gaslamp businesses expecting a homerun during Padre playoffs

Bars and restaurants are covering their bases to make room for record crowds inside and outside Petco Park.

SAN DIEGO — Thousands of people are expected to flock to downtown this weekend to watch Game 3 outside Petco Park.

Which means big business for local bars and restaurants.

Don't worry if you don't have tickets inside Petco Park, you can still come down to the Gaslamp where businesses say they are expecting a homerun.

The Gaslamp may be a bit gloomy on Friday but the energy will be electric. 

“Being born and raised here in San Diego and always being a huge Padres fan. It's absolutely incredible,” said Jude Milton, a Padres fan. “To have something so big for the city after such a long time against the Dodgers nonetheless.”

"Jude will be whipping up some fan favorites in the morning at Spill the Beans on Market Street,” said Milton.

He was just a kid the last time fans filled Petco Park for a Padre playoff game.

“Last time with my uncle and grandpa against the Cardinals, having the opportunity to check them out as a youngster. And now all these years later have the opportunity to see him again. It's very exciting,” said Milton.

Next door at The Smoking Gun bar and restaurant.

“Won't be able to move in here at all. Come tomorrow night and Saturday entirely. The pre party and then during the game and after the game when we win. It's going to be very, very, very crowded in here,” said Randy Wagener, The Smoking Gun Owner.

He says the Padres also helped Gaslamp businesses make it to the post season.

“It basically takes a typical October and makes it a July for the Gaslamp,” said Wagener.

Record crowds came in July for Comic Con.

The San Diego Police Department is expecting 100,000 people inside and outside Petco Park this weekend, The Smoking Gun says it will double its staff.

“We've told staff all hands on deck a couple of weeks ago,” said Wagener.

Down the street and steps away from Petco Park’s K Street gate is City Tacos, where you can find unique and authentic street tacos.

“When they hit a ball you can still hear it inside, you know? So, it's definitely a good time,” said Israel Montano, City Tacos, co-owner.

Also a good option for fans who don't want to drop a lot of dough on tickets but still feel the post season Padre passion.

“It's about as good as it gets to be honest with you,” said Milton.

San Diego Police says it will have increased patrols inside and outside of Petco Park.

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