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LPGA's Haley Moore fights back against bullies; excited for return to play

Haley Moore is a name on tour you might not be familiar with yet, but you will be. She's hoping her overcoming of bullying will inspire an entire generation.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Haley Moore is a rookie on tour. You might not know her name just yet, but trust me, you will. Her story of overcoming bullying as a kid will certainly inspire an entire generation.

The story is an all too familiar one. Kids in school picking on their classmate for the way they look. But now, Haley Moore is fighting back, in her own way.

“As a person like me who overcame it, I think telling my story about it to a whole group of people, if some of them are struggling with their life, telling my story how I overcame it will definitely get them more passionate about their life and be like ‘OK, I just want to move on from it and go do what I want to do,’” said Moore.

Moore is not only moving past the bullying, she’s thriving. As a rookie on tour she’s already making a name for herself. While the tour was on hiatus the last five months, she played on the Cactus Tour in Arizona. She won three times and kept her game in great shape as she waited for the tour to resume play.

“I played really well and I was really confident with my game,” said Moore. “I still feel very confident about it and just excited to be out here because this is the competition that I’ve been wanting to play in and learn from.”

Moore did the hard work to earn her tour card through Q-School and quickly realized she would need money. She started a GoFundMe page to help her with expenses and has raised over $40,000.

“Definitely as a rookie, it’s hard with the expenses,” said Moore. “I knew I had to get going right away. All the members at my country club and close family and friends started pitching in right away and it got to a good point where I was like ‘OK, this is a good starting point and everything. I was just super excited and I’m ready.”