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More Padres players come off bench to play in doubleheader as 5 players out due to COVID

It's still a precarious time for the team, who faced the Colorado Rockies back to back after snow canceled Monday’s game. Now, four starters are out.

SAN DIEGO — Padres team manager Jayce Tingler said that the team is “a couple players away” from the 85% vaccination threshold to ease COVID-19 protocols.

“So when you have Fernando Tatis Jr., who just signed a $340 million contract extension, and he is not fully vaccinated right now, that to me is a problem. This is an organization thing. They should be mandated by the organization, but the team can’t force anyone to get the shot,” said Steve Hartman, morning show host on XTRA 1360.

It is still unknown if Tatis Jr. or other players have been fully vaccinated.

Hartman said: “They will not reveal that information. We had heard rumors that maybe Tatis had his first shot but not his second shot, but they will not volunteer that information at all. They are very cognizant that this is a private issue with these players.”

Hartman said he is stunned in light of all the safety measures, testing and protocols that five players would out now due to COVID. 

On Tuesday, the Padres released that star shortstop, Fernando Tatis Jr. and players Wil Myers tested positive. Then also due to contact tracing three more players: Jurickson Profar, Jorge Mateo and Eric Hosmer all were placed on the injured list and removed from the lineup.

Padres manager Jayce Tingler said on Tuesday that Tatis Jr. was currently asymptomatic. Some found it confusing that Wil Myers was allowed to play and then removed from the game after testing positive and coming into contact with more players and staff.

“They’ve been placed on a 10 day IL. They will not be eligible to come off the IL in 10 days. In fact, most likely they will have to remain in Colorado before they can return back to San Diego because next week the Padres will have games against the Cardinals and ironically, against the Rockies who they are playing right now,” Hartman.

Tingler said after the team’s victory over the Rockies in Game 1 of the doubleheader that this precarious time allows the team to “come together” and utilize the bench more.

Hartman said, “It just seems strange to me because these major league baseball players are getting tested all the time. About half the teams have reached that 85% threshold, the Padres are one of those teams who have not.”

The Padres next take on the Cardinals on Friday at 7:10 p.m.

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