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News 8’s Neda Iranpour’s husband goes viral after catching home run ball while holding baby

He certainly made the dad all-star team with the catch!

SAN DIEGO — It was the ultimate catch worthy of any highlight reel.

San Diego resident and dedicated dad, Chris Rice caught a home run ball Friday night with his bare hand all while his baby daughter was asleep in his arms.

News 8 caught up with Chris, baby Roya and his wife, Neda - who you probably recognize as a News 8 reporter - to talk about the clip that is know going viral.

Chris said that his main objective was to make sure he and his daughter were not hit by the ball. Neda added, “I am so glad he knows how to play and was able to get it bare handed.”

To address the elephant in the room: this San Diego couple are huge Giants fans. So having a memento, hit off the bat of Giant Pablo Sandoval is pretty sweet. Neda said, “I feel very proud of my husband because now we have the coolest keepsake to have in Roya’s room. She will get to tell this story for years and years from now on and then he protected her from the ball which is huge.”

He certainly made the dad all-star team!