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When Philadelphia wins, economy seems to lose

A social media editor made a discovery: the last four times a team from Philadelphia has won the World Series, the economy has gone into the tank.

PHILADELPHIA — As if it's not bad enough that the Phillies shattered our World Series dreams by beating the Padres, now history shows us we're about to lose big again, this time in our wallet.  A social media editor from the Morning Brew made a disturbing discovery: The last four times a team from Philadelphia has won the World Series, the economy has gone into the tank.

“So it happened in 1929 and 1930 with the Philadelphia Athletics, and then in 1980 and 2008 with the Phillies… and we’ll find out this year,” said Morning Brew Managing Editor Neal Freyman, a Phillies fan who's apparently already planning the team’s World Series victory parade.


And, he says, don't blame the Phillies if they win it all and the economy tanks. Freyman says the Friars need to take some of the blame too, adding “maybe they could have had a little better clutch hitting like the Phillies.” 

Okay, fair enough, but here are the facts: 

  • The Phillies win in 1929 and days later, Wall Street crashes
  • They repeat in 1930 and we're in the great depression.
  • They win it again in 1980 and we enter into a recession that lasts three years
  • Finally, in 2008 , the Great Recession when the housing bubble burst

Certified Financial Planner Harrison Johnson, a Padres fan, says don't sell everything you own just yet. First of all, the Astros are heavily favored to beat the Phillies. Secondly, in finance past results are not always indicative of future results. “Correlation, not causation,” Johnson said. “So there is some history there, but that does not necessarily mean we could have a real problem going into a recession.”

But if we do go into a recession, of course we’ll blame the Phillies! 

“I think it's really conflicting for a lot of Phillies fans like myself,” Freyman had to admit. “You want to see your team win for the first time in over a decade, then again, you also like a steady paycheck and don't want to see the economy tumble into a recession.”

Unfortunately, we don't have an history on what happens to the economy after the Padres win a World Series. Hopefully we'll find out next year!

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