SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Former sportscaster Kelli Tennant is seeking dismissal of her sexual assault lawsuit against Sacramento Kings coach Luke Walton

The request for dismissal of the civil case was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The request form does not include any information on the reason for dismissal. 

Tennant sued Walton last April, shortly after he became the Kings' coach following his dismissal from the Los Angeles Lakers. The allegations involved an encounter while Walton was an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors.

This past August, Walton was cleared of sexual assault and harassment allegations following a months-long investigation that did not include the testimony of his accuser, league officials announced. League officials said Tennant declined to be interviewed during their investigation. At the time, the Sacramento Kings said in a statement that they "support [Walton] and his team as they continue to prepare for the upcoming season.” More than 20 people, including Walton, were interviewed during the Kings and NBA's joint investigation, league officials said. Officials said investigators "made repeated attempts" to interview Tennant but she declined.

The suit alleged, Tennant had considered Walton to be a friend and mentor, and she was friendly with his wife. Walton also wrote the foreword to her book. She says she went to give him a copy while he stayed at the Casa Del Mar Hotel during a Warriors road trip to Los Angeles.

Tennant said Walton met her in the lobby and invited her back to his room. After discussing the book, Tennant said Walton suddenly pinned her to the bed and forcibly kissed and groped her. She said Walton used his full body weight to keep her on the bed and laughed when she yelled "stop!"

Tennant said Walton relented and she started to leave the room when he grabbed her again and kissed her ears and neck. She said he finally stopped, laughed and said "good to see you" before she left the room.

Tennant said she confided with people at the time but never filed charges. She said Walton continued to harass her after he became coach of the Lakers and she was working as a broadcaster in Los Angeles for Spectrum SportsNet and SportsNet LA. She now does a wellness podcast.


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