SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - With the Chargers move to Los Angeles looming, longtime season ticket holders are finding themselves in limbo over whether they should renew their tickets.

Team owners have kept quiet, but one man who is speaking out has been a season ticket holder since the Chargers began in 1960, and he says if they move to Los Angeles, he wont be following them. 

"I’m a true Chargers fan," said Bill Lewis.

A true blue fan, Lewis remembers getting his first season ticket 56 years ago.

"We bought tickets in Los Angeles at the Hilton Hotel, my dad and I, when I was 17 years old. We went up on the bus with the Pernicanos and a bunch of the longtime season ticket holders of 1960. My dad paid $49 for the whole season."

Lewis says that it hasn't been easy being a Chargers fan over all these years.

"We've had to support the Chargers through the worst and the best. I mean, I’ve seen them when they've won one or two games and I still went to the season ticket games."

This past season proved the hardest for Lewis, with the likelihood of it being the last season with the team in San Diego.

"I’m disappointed, along with all the faithful fans of San Diego. There are millions of Charger fans in San Diego County."

Standing in his room full of Chargers memorabilia, including a signed Junior Seau football, Lewis says he still holds out hope that the Chargers will stay in San Diego. Lewis says he hopes that the Chargers and city of San Diego can complete a deal to build a new stadium in Mission Valley.

When it comes to the possibility of the Chargers sharing a stadium with the Rams in Inglewood, Lewis thinks they will be eclipsed by the Rams.

“I think they're going to be second fiddle to the Rams up in Los Angeles. I mean, the ownership of the Rams is building the stadium, so it's kind of like when the Jets went to the Giants stadium."

If the Chargers move up north, Lewis says he's out.

“I'm going to right now say 'no.' I'd hate to give up 50 plus years of owning a season ticket, but I'm not going to go to Los Angeles."