SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The Chargers got off to a roaring start in Sunday's season opener, rallying from a big deficit to beat the Detroit Lions. 

This year, Chargers season tickets are among the strongest in the NFL, even with the uncertainty hanging over the team's future here in San Diego. 

Ticket sales for the Chargers are hot right now. 

The team's chief marketing officer Ken Derret said season ticket sales are up by 10,000, compared to 2013, and up 6,000 from just last year. 

Derret would not comment on whether or not the season ticket sale surge has anything to do with the threat of the team bolting out of San Diego. 

Derret simply said, the product spoke for itself. 

"It's actually been a great run for the last several months. It's really been a couple years process. Gaining more confidence in the fans, the great product on the field. I think people really believe in Coach McCoy and Tom Telesco. Great schedule this year too," he said. 

Whatever the reason for soaring ticket sales may be, Chargers fan Lauren Danylyshyn-Adams said while she loves the bolts, watching them this year, will just be weird. 

"It's going to be heartbreaking. I can't see, I'm getting choked up thinking about it. I can't see San Diego without the Chargers. It's going to be really sad if they do leave," she said. 

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, Stub Hub reports that the Chargers rank fourth in its secondary sales.