SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - It's back to work for the Chargers as the team held its first voluntary training session Tuesday.

But a familiar face was absent from the workouts and when an all-pro player isn't at practice, it's hard to miss.

“I miss the back and forth out there that's for sure,” said Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers.

And when the coach gav his opinion of the absence after practice that too is hard to miss.

“I want to talk and refer to the players who are here and compliment the job they've done all offseason,” said Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy.

It was no surprise that Chargers safety Eric Weddle was missing.

“It wasn't shocking not to see him,” added Rivers.

Was the coach surprised?

“Like I mentioned earlier, we're gonna talk about guys who are here,” continued McCoy.

Weddle has a year remaining on his contract, but has made it known that he wants an extension and for now, he's sitting out.

“I've always tried to stay out of that side of it and respect anyone's choices and decisions they make along those lines,” explained Rivers.

Meanwhile, his teammates have his back:

“I feel like he's doing what's best for him now, so all I can do is get better and play with the guys who are here,” said Chargers cornerback Jason Verrett.

And the team will keep the train rolling.

“I think everyone on the field today did an outstanding job and very pleased with the performance on the field,” continued McCoy.

“In an ideal world you would love for everybody to be here,” Rivers added.

But that's the business side. And of course, there's this:

“I don't think anybody is worried he's not working, not keeping himself ready for another all-pro year,” Rivers said.

However, the coach won't go there:

“We've got a lot of work to do and I am very pleased with the guys that are working extremely hard right now,” McCoy noted. “We're not changing for who's here and who's not here. I think it's important for everyone to be here. And I prefer to talk about only the guys who are here. The ones who aren't here, aren't here.”

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