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Olympics Barbie line celebrates new sports coming to Tokyo

Mattel is also releasing a new UNO game and line of Hot Wheels to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics.

Mattel has released a line of five new Barbie dolls to celebrate the sports joining the Olympics this year in Tokyo. New this year are surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing and karate. Softball is also coming back for the first time since 2008.

Each Barbie comes with its own Olympics coat and a gold medal.

The sport climbing Barbie is blonde, is wearing clothing you'd normally see from a competitive rock climber, and has a rope, harness and chalk bag.

Surfing Barbie is black with a pink top and comes with a surfboard.

Karate Barbie is blonde and wears a karate uniform, or gi, and has pink gloves and shoes.

The skateboarding Barbie has brown hair and comes with a pink helmet, wristpads and skateboard, and green knee pads.

The softball Barbie has brown hair, a pink hat and uniform and comes with a pink baseball bat.

Credit: Mattel
The 2020 Olympics Barbie collection, celebrating five new sports coming to the Games in Tokyo.

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The Hot Wheels Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Mini Collection will have multiple models of cars celebrating not only the new sports but also some iconic ones. Images representing the sports are emblazoned on the sides of the cars and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo is on the hood.

Credit: Mattel
An image from a car in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Mini Collection.

Mattel said it is also releasing a new, limited-edition version of the card game UNO in celebration of the Olympics. It features the Tokyo 2020 mascot Miraitowa. Mattel said the new version will have a special rule "fitting for the world’s most iconic sporting event."

Credit: Mattel
The UNO limited-edition Tokyo Olympics 2020 card game.

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