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'Party All the Time' | Vince Dunn spills the beans about the Blues' 2020 victory anthem

So, does this mean we can get Eddie Murphy on the Blues bandwagon, too?

ST. LOUIS — Right about this time last year, the Blues were beginning their surge through the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, all the way to becoming the champs. 

Along their road to glory, was "Gloria", the 80's pop hit by Laura Branigan that became the team's victory anthem.

You know the story.

Some of the Blues venture into a Philadelphia bar while they were at the bottom of the league. They hear the song on the jukebox. They love it. It becomes iconic in St. Louis and the Blues win the Stanley Cup.

After one last playing at the Enterprise Center during opening night in the fall of this current season, "Gloria" was retired as a victory anthem.

We've been waiting to see if the team will pick a new locker room victory song. It seems like they have.

With the NHL season paused due to the spread of the coronavirus, we haven't been able to see it in action during the playoffs, but Blues defenseman Vince Dunn seems to have spilled the beans.

Watch: Blues reunite on Zoom call

The Blues' full team participated in a video call with the NHL on Wednesday, where they reminisced about some of the highlights of their run to the Cup, including "Gloria".

"It was just pretty cool how it was an older song that clicked with the team. The city jumped on it too," Dunn said. "They were playing it when we were on the road in the city in bars and local restaurants. It was pretty cool how everyone jumped on board and it became a thing for our team."

And then Dunn let the cat out of the bag.

"This year we've got a new one. We haven't really been too focused on it. We didn't want to carry it over from last year and just left it in the past," Dunn said. "But I think this year it's an Eddie Murphy Song. "Party All the Time". We're a pretty fun group and we like to have our fun, and I think the song reflects on our group a little bit."

Yep, that Eddie Murphy. "Party All the Time" was released in 1985.

Who knows when, or if, we'll see hockey back this season. But if we do, St. Louis is going to have another song to memorize. And hey, maybe Eddie Murphy will join the Blues bandwagon this year, too.

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