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NFL star to cannabis entrepreneur, Ricky Williams finds happiness outside of football

Williams created his own weed brand called Highsman which allows him to impact others in hopes to change the wide opinion on marijuana.

SAN DIEGO — When you say the name Ricky Williams, you might remember him for breaking Tony Dorsett’s all-time rushing record in 1998 while playing for the University of Texas. He also, won the Heisman in that same season, but don’t forget about his 10,000 plus career rushing yards in the NFL.

If you ask Williams what he is known for, he will say “I’m known for weed, and I’m just being honest.”

After being one of the one of the best running backs the game of football has ever seen, Williams decided to walk away from the game, while many still considered him one of the better running backs in the NFL.

“I had the same feeling that everyone did when they first started playing, I wanted to make it to the NFL and when I did, I realized it wasn’t what I thought it was.” Williams added “I wanted to have a platform, but it felt like I was being told to shut up and run the ball.”

As time went on, Williams felt more and more that the sport was draining him. It got to the point where he didn’t even want to be in the locker room because he felt so uncomfortable being there. “I felt like something was wrong with me because I had the best job in the world, but it got to a point where I would walk into the locker room and all I wanted to do was put a towel over my head, I didn’t want to be there.”

Williams eventually decided to walk away from the game and what helped him cope with what he was experiencing mentally was cannabis. This cannabis use then led him to starting his own brand called "Highsman." This allowed him to impact others in hopes to change the wide opinion on cannabis.

The whole goal of this lifestyle brand that Ricky started is to empower others not only when it comes to the decisions, they make but they way they see life. He hopes he can help others find the true happiness within themselves as Ricky did.

“ I just want people to understand that it is okay to feel good. I think we get so caught up in so many things that we feel bad for feeling good. I want to change that and help people understand its okay to feel good.”

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