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San Diego little leaguers in predicament; wearing Dodgers uniforms

Many die-hard Padres fans are stuck in those ugly blue jerseys from that team up north. They told us how they feel about wearing them.

SAN DIEGO — Visit any ballfield in San Diego during the weekend, and it’s obvious; Little League season is in full swing across the county.  

CBS8 stopped by the Little League fields in 4S Ranch and met up with players in the Majors Division, for 10–12-year-olds. “I was a Dodger last year, and I was like, not again,” player Seth Feldman said.  

He and 10 of his teammates are die-hard Padres fans and found out a few weeks ago they’d be wearing Dodgers uniforms for the 2023 Little League season.

“I’m saying go blue,” Feldman said shaking his head.  He says it’s just too painful to say “Dodgers” during the team cheer.

Teammate Owen Sun, also says it’s tough to put on the royal blue and white gear, especially since he’s been a life-long Padres fan. “I’d rather say 4S Team Blue,” Sun said with a smile.

“It’s kind of sad because there’s a lot of other good teams that I could have been,” player Jameson King added.

Not all of the 4S Ranch Majors Dodgers players are bummed by the Dodgers duds. Two players on the team have been life-long Dodgers fans thanks to their dads love of the team.

“My dad has always been a Dodgers fan, and he’s influenced me a lot. I just like them, even when they don’t do very well,” Lucas Cuder said.

“I guess they really don’t like them,” Matthew Schnedier said about the players not able to do the Dodgers cheer before and after games.

Most of the team agrees on one thing, the Padres pro team roster looks great this year.

“I think we’ll be great,” King said.

“I think it’s going to be a good year, yeah,” Feldman said.

“I think the Padres have a good chance of making it to the playoffs and trying to win the World Series!” Sun said optimistically.

CBS8 Mornings Anchor, Eric Kahnert, helps coach the Dodgers Majors team, and says the team gets along very well, and the Padres fans are very respectful of the two Dodgers fans on the team.    

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