SAN DIEGO — It is the weekend before Christmas and the holiday travel rush is on.

AAA has been tracking numbers for nearly 20 years, and forecast shows 115.6 million travelers will break records, from December 20 through January 1, by automobiles, planes, trains, buses and cruise ships - an increase of nearly four percent over last year. 

AAA reports unemployment is historically at low levels - showing improvement in disposable income. 

Jonathan Heller, spokesperson for San Diego Airport, said that 65,000 travelers depart and return each day, and until December 25. This holiday season, they’re expecting 10% more each day. 

Heller said, for domestic fights, give yourself two hours and for international flights three hours.

TSA is encouraging travelers to arrive early to check-in and get through the security screening process, also keeping carry-on bags organized to keep the lines moving.