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M5.5 earthquake strikes north of Chico

Cellphone 911 lines for CHP Chico Dispatch are currently down.

EAST SHORE, Calif. — A preliminary magnitude 5.5 earthquake has struck north of Chico, California, Thursday. It initially came in as a magnitude 5.7, but has fluctuated since then.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake struck around 4:20 p.m. It was centered on Lake Almanor in Plumas County.

The quake caused a disruption in CHP Chico Dispatch and cell phone 911 lines are down. Shaking was felt at least as far as Sacramento and Davis. People also reported feeling the earthquake in Chico, Roseville, Stockton and San Francisco.

A map of where the earthquake was likely felt can be found HERE.  

An aftershock around magnitude 2.8 was felt near Prattville not long afterward. It was followed by aftershocks near East Shore, Canyondam and another near Prattville.

According to USGS, there is a 6% chance of one more aftershocks that are larger than a magnitude 5 within the next week. Smaller aftershocks are likely within the next week, with up to 33 magnitude 3 or higher.

Reaction to earthquake


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