SAN DIEGO — Monday afternoon high temperatures will be below seasonal average.

  • Coastal highs 67°-75°, normal around 72°.
  • Inland highs 73°-85°, normal around 84°.
  • Mountain highs 80°-90°, normal around 80°.
  • Desert highs 103°-108°, normal around 104°.

At the beach, the rip current risk is low with water temperature 64°-66°. Waves are 2'-3'. The southwest swell is beginning to fade while a south swell is on the rise.

Clouds have extended fully inland early Monday morning. Some drizzle is possible out of these clouds in the morning hours. Clouds will be slow to clear, with coastal clearing expected to be limited. 

The UV index will peak at 10 Monday, which is considered very high. Sun protection is needed, UV radiation from the sun will cause skin damage. The time between 10 AM and 4 PM is when UV radiation from the sun is at its maximum.


Temperatures take a dip well below average Tuesday as onshore flow strengthens. Cooler air will spread inland along with an increase in clouds. Patchy light drizzle is possible underneath the stronger onshore flow.

A trough of low pressure from the Eastern Pacific will dwell over the Pacific Northwest states around midweek. This will keep temperatures right around average through the remaining week. 

Clouds should weaken towards the end of the week due to high pressure to the east pushing slightly warmer air towards the region.

Microclimate Forecast - Coast & Inland
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Microclimate Forecast - Mountain & Desert
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