SAN DIEGO — Friday afternoon high temperatures will be below seasonal average.

  • Coastal highs 68°-77°, normal around 75°.
  • Inland highs 75°-86°, normal around 88°.
  • Mountain highs 79°-89°, normal around 85°.
  • Desert highs 105°-110°, normal around 107°.

At the beach, the rip current risk is low with water temperature 68°-71°. Waves are 1'-3'out of the southwest.

Strong onshore flow has morning clouds all the way out to the foothills Friday morning. Some visibility issues are possible in the higher elevation areas, such as Ramona, through the morning hours. Clouds may linger along the coast, but inland areas will clear by the afternoon.

The UV index will peak at 11 Friday, which is considered extreme. Extra sun protection is needed, UV radiation from the sun will cause skin damage. The time between 10 AM and 4 PM is when UV radiation from the sun is at its maximum.


Temperatures will rise as high pressure strengthens over the weekend. The increase in temperatures will really be felt Sunday into Monday.

As the high pressure strengthens, the marine layer will once again become squashed. Clouds will lower through the weekend, then offshore flow will push the clouds off. This means that next week's morning clouds will become less prominent and sunshine more abundant.

An increase in monsoonal moisture may make thunderstorms possible in the mountains. This will occur beginning Monday as a new high pressure gets hold of the monsoonal flow. Moisture will peak Tuesday and diminish through Wednesday. 

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Microclimate Forecast - Mountain & Desert
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