SAN DIEGO — Extreme heat has been hitting parts or San Diego County this week and a heat advisory will be in effect until 9 p.m. Tuesday for the inland valleys. So how can you tell if your kids – or others – are feeling the effects of the heat? And what should you do to make sure everyone stays safe?  

According to Dr. Donofrio with Rady Children’s Hospital, signs to look for that could indicate a child – or adult – is feeling the effects of the heat and sun are:

  • Redness, flushing in the face and cheeks 
  • Unexpected tiredness 
  • Crankiness and irritability 
  • Headaches 
  • Dry eyes and mouth – most kids have shiny eyes and lots of saliva in their mouth 
  • Less frequent urination and darker urination 
  • Increased heart rate 

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If you see these signs, Dr. Donofrio suggests the following steps:  

  • Act fast 
  • Lay the person down and elevate their feet 
  • Cool them down with a cold drink or a popsicle 

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Suggestions to prevent heat effects include:  

  • Playing near water – while taking precautions for drowning 
  • Wearing light, comfortable, loose-fitting clothing 

Dr. Donofrio also noted that the heat is taking its toll on adults. She reminds San Diegans to stay hydrated and increase your intake of fluids on hot days because once you begin to feel thirsty it means you are already dehydrated.