Every Wednesday morning during the school year I get the chance to educate a few of San Diego County's students.  Today's Weather Wednesday School was in Encinitas, up at Flora Vista Elementary!  (The Falcons!)  Although there was near-record cold early this morning, the heater in the MicroClimate Weather Van is "industrial strength". . .and good thing, too.

This was a day that looked picture-perfect in Encinitas, and really all over San Diego.  Nothing but blue skies.  THis is the same kind of blue sky that you'll have back in the upper Midwest during the wintertime with the really cold temperatures - much like we had this morning.  But with this sunshine things warmed up pretty nicely, even by 9 am. 


These are some of the 5th graders in Dr. Patterson's class that I got to visit with today.  We talked quite a bit about our weather, as well as touching on many of the things that go into a weathercast down at the TV station.  I'm hopeful that these 5th graders will get to come and tour the newsroom at some point - so I can run them through the "green screen" known as the news set.


During my talk today, I mentioned that we use computers quite a bit when it comes to weather forecasting.  And there were some desktop terminals in this classroom along the wall - so I asked the 5th graders if they were using these computers during the class.  Wouldn't you know it?  They each had their own iPad.  My how times have changed since I was in 5th grade!  The roundabout answer to my question was "you bet they're using computers."  Good for them!

We had an opportunity to come out and see the MicroClimate Weather Van in action; winds were light this morning but the anemometer was still working away atop the Van. 

This was a really great group of elementary school students - I'm hoping they learned quite a bit from my visit today, as I learned a few things from having visited them, too.