Today's Weather Wednesday visit was at Kumeyaay Elementary over in Tierrasanta!  Early on Wednesday morning I took the MicroClimate Weather Van over to Kumeyaay to talk with two classes of first graders. 

A low pressure trough (later discussed in class) was moving overhead, and that produced a nice change of sky cover for a late October morning:

I had the pleasure of talking with two classrooms of first graders, many of whom had been studying weather just prior to my visit – and were amateur meteorologists themselves (I asked the amateur meteorologists to identify themselves by raising their hands).

Most of the questions today had to do with fog, and how it evaporates – as well as rain (and tornadoes, which are so rare in Tierrasanta, but do occasionally happen in San Diego county).  Here, Tommy was our "rainmaker" today, as the bottled water (or "rain") ended up being 2.24" of rain – more than Tierrasanta has seen in several months!

After some question and answer discussion, which centered primarily on clouds today – clouds and fog – these kids got to come out and check out the MicroClimate Weather Van.  They really liked the anemometer, which was getting a good workout with our breezy conditions this morning.

I had a great time visiting Kumeyaay Elementary – hopefully these first graders learned a few things about television and weather, and as always I learned a few things, too!


This is the guy that set the whole thing up today – and you can too – just by filling out a Weather Wednesday Nomination Form on this website.

(Not sure if you noticed on the school sign at the top of this story, but today was picture day at the school.)