By News 8 Chief Meteorologist Matt Baylow

After all the rain in December, we were overdue for some nice weather - and a stretch of it - and that's exactly what we had when I went to visit North Broadway School. Here, there were a total of four Kindergarten classes that wanted to learn a little about weather, although at that age sometimes I wonder if they aren't just happy to have someone from the world of television stop by! Blue sky and just a few high clouds greeted the North County on this Wednesday.


As these kids filed into the library, they were quite well behaved!

This session was held in the school library, and not only had the kids already been watching some of my weathercasts on television, but they had also learned quite a bit about weather. Some of the many weather-related books were prominently on display when I showed up.

I like to have a white board (or chalk board) for drawing all kinds of things when explaining about weather, and North Escondido thoughtfully provided a white board for me to use. What I did not expect was the kindergartners applauding my pictures - I mean, the United States is something I draw all the time, so I expect that to be recognized, but when I drew Hs and Ls (for high and low pressure) they even applauded letters! (It was GREAT.)

Noah, a student at North Broadway, was the "rainmaker" for the day - filling the rain gauge I brought with me out of my backyard to almost 2" of rain. That's a pretty good rainfall, but not nearly the amount that Noah and these kindergartners had the week before Christmas. (Escondido had anywhere from 6" to 8" of rain through that period.)

A photo for the school archives - note that the TV talent always seems to know which camera's shutter is clicking.

Once everything was finished and all weather questions answered, these kindergartners high-fived me on the way out. After the first 70 or so, your hand gets quite numb so it wasn't so bad then. But we had fun!