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Does Todd Gloria now wish he'd run for mayor?

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The special mayoral election is just over two weeks away, and that means Todd Gloria's time as interim mayor is almost over. CBS News 8 talked to him about whether he regrets not running for the seat himself.

When Bob Filner resigned from office, some politicians saw it as an opportunity to quickly slide into the mayor's seat, but not Todd Gloria.

"This was not something I sought out to do. This is something given to me in the midst of a crisis," he said.

As council president, Gloria was giving the job on an interim basis until a new mayor could be elected. Gloria admits, at the time he thought he might be getting in a little over his head.

"This was not something I thought I could do a few months ago. It wasn't something I entertained… I had some self-doubt about whether or not I could do the job," he said.

That doubt, along with the realization that the mayor's office was a mess and would need his full-time attention, convinced Gloria not to run for the job that he now sees differently.

"I think six months later, I feel pretty confident that I can do this kind of work," he told CBS News 8.

A CBS 8 web poll shows many San Diegans agree, with 62 percent saying they'd vote for Gloria in the upcoming mayoral election if he was running.

"This is not about power. It's about public service," he said.

Gloria says he's more than happy to go back to his old job, but the next mayor should consider himself warned. Gloria plans to make sure the ambitious agenda he laid out earlier this month during his state of the city address doesn't fall through the cracks.

"I'm still going to be there to help whoever the next mayor is to make sure that vision of a sustainable future with smooth streets and better public facilities, stronger city finances and importantly, better wages for working people will get accomplished," he said.

Gloria's current term on the council runs through 2016, which just happens to be when the mayor's seat opens up again. So would he like to be mayor again?

"I don't think this is my last time that I'll be serving in this role," he said.

"In fact, Gloria says his plan is to dedicate his entire working life to public service, which made us wonder, just how far up the political ladder does he think he can climb?

"If I had to be convinced I'd be a good mayor, I'd have to be really convinced I'd be a good governor," Gloria said.

The mayoral election between Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez is two weeks from Tuesday.

A recent CBS 8 web poll shows Faulconer with an 18-point lead, and many voters still undecided.

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