SAN DIEGO - Scoring a great deal at a sale is, well, great, right? 

Here’s the thing: sales are great, but you’re still spending money. So if you are waiting for a Labor Day sale to buy something that you need, great! 

People will often hold off on making purchasing big ticket items until big holidays sales, like Labor Day. If you are in the market for a 'need’ item, such as a car or appliance and you are will to be patient until a sale comes up, this could be a great approach. 

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If you're not though, don’t let a sale entice you to spend money that you weren’t planning on spending anyway.

'Your Dollars, Our Sense: A Fun & Simple Guide to Money Matters' is a quick read that makes sense of a variety of topics including credit, saving priorities, investing, home ownership, insurance, marriage, children, retirement, estate planning and much more.

The goal is to provide readers with relatable and simple financial advice to help navigate various life stages and major life events in an entertaining, informative manner, escaping the dryness often associated with the topic.

As an International Best Seller having ranked #1 in six different business and finance categories, this book makes for a great shower, birthday and graduation gift, and a phenomenal read for any age.

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