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Shawn Styles

"I've traveled all around the world on assignment. They're all special - but my favorite place is on the weather set."
Credit: CBS 8
Shawn Styles

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Shawn Styles is a reporter and weather anchor for KFMB-TV in San Diego, California.

"I've traveled all around the world on assignment. They're all special - but my favorite place is on the weather set."

Meteorologist and lifestyle reporter Shawn Styles could not ask for a better job than bringing you the latest weather on CBS News 8. After all, it is a perfect fit for the self-described outdoorsman who loves to surf, ski, snowboard, fish, sail and play tennis, among other activities!

"Weather affects peoples lives," he says. "I can help them make plans." Speaking of plans, Shawn never planned to be in TV. "Television chose me," he says. "My career as a snow ski racer was ending; I had also worked in movies and television. Bringing people the weather seemed the natural way to go."

A San Diego native, Shawn grew up in La Mesa. He spent his summers at the La Jolla Shores, surfing and developing a keen interest in nature and the weather. By the time he was 20, Shawn's surfing adventures took him through California, Mexico and Hawaii. During the winters, his athletic abilities found another outlet; snow skiing in Utah. He did so well that his buddies convinced him to enter a freestyle skiing competition. That led him to a career as a professional ski racer.

In between racing the slopes and catching the waves, Shawn found time for broadcasting. He began doing snow reports for East Coast radio stations from his pro skiing gig in Park City, Utah. He then caught the TV wave and began doing surf reports at KGTV and in August of 1996, he broadened his horizons right here at CBS News 8. Now he brings you the weather, along with his unique "Adventures with Shawn Styles." And after much hard work, Shawn received his Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society.

When he isn't in search of the latest adventure, Shawn lives an incredibly active life in La Jolla. Adding to his already long list of interests, Shawn also loves to cook, garden, discover fine wines, shop for antiques and "a whole lot more." With this kind of zest for life, it's no wonder he says, "It's all great!"

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